Beginners Guide to Electronics – Singapore Passive Components

Beginners Guide to Electronics – Singapore Passive Components

Passive devices are the building Blocks become unstable or of circuits and without these circuits would not work. So what exactly are Passive Devices? Well devices are the components used in electronic equipment such as capacitors, inductors, resistors and transformers necessary to construct circuits.  Passive devices do not have profit or They will have a profit less than one and consequently cannot create, oscillate or amplify a signal. Passive devices can be connected together in a circuit, either in a series or parallel combination to control complicated circuits or signs, create a phase shift to the sign or to supply some type of feedback but they cannot multiply a signal by more than one since they have no power gain. In reality devices consume power which makes them such as attenuators unlike components that supply or generate power.

In both circuit theory and Circuit analysis passive components singapore devices are called elements let us have a look at three of the most popular components that were passive namely, Capacitance, Resistance and Inductance.


Resistance is a measure of how electrons can flow through a path in an electrical circuit and is expressed as a value in units or how easily Ohms. One ohm is the value of resistance that arises when a current of one ampere flows. Then the resistance of a resistor could be described in terms of the voltage drop across the resistor and the current flowing through the resistor as related by Ohm’s law: I = V/R

R is the resistance, V is the voltage across the resistor, and I is the current flowing through the resistor. This connection between the voltage and current (v-i connection) in a resistor Is linear and the power is represented by: P = VI.

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